Worldwide Directory of Mosaic Sites

Mosaics at the Bardo with Sonia King Mosaic Artist

Sonia’s mosaic workshop visiting the Bardo Museum in Tunisia

Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end. — Pico Iyer

I travel a lot and have been visiting mosaics for years. Sometimes I’ve just left a place, only to find out that I missed seeing a wonderful mosaic. Hopefully this directory will help you avoid that. I’ve visited the sites marked with an asterisk * and can recommend them. But since things change over time, I’d suggest researching sites online when planning your itinerary.

I hope this directory will help when planning your trip. The list is by no means exhaustive (though it was exhausting). This is a work in progress and suggestions or corrections are welcome. Directory pages are best viewed on a computer or laptop. The columns don’t hold on a phone screen.

The directory is organized by country name. Italy gets its own page. England is under United Kingdom.

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