Adrift mosaic by Sonia King Mosaic Artist

Adrift mosaic (detail) by Sonia King Mosaic Artist

glass, ceramic, pyrite, fossils, gold, seashell, smalti, marble, turquoise
25″ h x 19 “w, 2005

I create mosaic to give tangible shape and form to the unknowable, a map to places I’ll never find again. The mosaic is the souvenir of a journey through obscure lands.  There is no destination: the process is the objective. ‘Adrift’ began with some pyrite fossils and turquoise-colored seashells.  Breaking and reforming the seashells into a floating shape began giving substance to the vision swimming in my head, rays sparking off towards the fossil forms. Threads of fool’s gold trace through the background, echoing movement as the floating shapes bounce off each other on their own journey.