A brief interview with mosaic artist Sonia King, speaking about the challenges of creating mosaic art using a wide variety of materials.  Many thanks to videographer Dexter Evans.


One Tessera at a Time: Sonia King at the 2013 Forum of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) .  Sonia King takes a look at her life in mosaic which she developed through a process of personal, artistic and historical exploration leading to the inclusion of her work in the permanent collection of the Museo d’Arte in Ravenna, Italy.


Sonia King’s Pecha Kucha presentation at the Nasher Sculpture Center for the Texas Sculpture Association in 2014. King speaks about her creative process, living a life in the arts and her passion for mosaic.


HGTV’s Modern Masters visits the studio of mosaic artist Sonia King in this 2003 segment.


Sonia King on the television show, “The Art of Living”, showing the creation of mosaics in the studio.


Interview with Sonia King about the advanced mosaic workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. Many thanks to Kristal Pazar and Hilal TV.