Nebula Aqua mosaic by Sonia King Mosaic Artist



Mosaic is hard. Art is harder.    — Sonia King

A mosaic opens a creative dialogue between the artist and the viewer. A dialogue guided by the interplay of light and texture, the manipulation of scale, the discovery of the unknown potential of natural materials, the mastery of technique and the artist’s dedication to the process of picking up one tessera, placing it and then choosing the piece that goes next to it.

Sonia King’s work presents a uniquely personal expression of the power of mosaic art to challenge the viewer and engage the senses: visual, tactile and emotional. The work is filled with the joy of discovery. Seemingly limitless blends of materials are woven together into complex compositions that are organic and familiar but stimulate the imagination. These mosaics explore the dynamic tension created when familiar organic shapes can be seen as both macro and micro visions of our landscape. Shapes that are simultaneously at rest and moving, pulling the tesserae together into a complex composition while exploring the interaction of each element and the mystery of the spaces between.